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Our Interpreting Services

In our globalised and connected world it is standard practice for personnel from all walks of life, managers and executives from business and politics to come together at an international level. There is an increasing demand for language mediation that is both uncomplicated, flexible yet at the same time competent.

Our interpreters can assist you in many ways.

On request we will be happy to provide you with a free, non-binding offer for a translation assignment. You may use our Enquiry Form to do this. We will also be happy to provide you with telephone assistance.

Consecutive and Negotiation Interpreters

… are employed in tours, works inspections, court cases — in brief: in all circumstances where the previous speaker has completed his address in the other language.

Simultaneous Interpreters

… interpret simultaneously and continuously, either via simultaneous interpreting equipment or directly at a whisper (chuchotage).

Conference Equipment

To enable multilingual translation services at conferences or major events it is advisable to conduct the language communication via corresponding conference equipment.

We will be happy to procure an offer for your event from our partners or supply the required addresses. For offers with conference equipment the costs are transferred 1 : 1, meaning that no further mediation fee is incurred.

Simultaneous Interpreting Equipment
The simultaneous interpreting equipment takes the form of a cubicle measuring approximately 1.70 m × 1.70 m. The equipment should be positioned directly in the room in which the event is taking place. This enables eye contact to be maintained between speaker and interpreter.

Chuchotage Interpreting Equipment
The guide systems are small and easily transportable, packed in cases. This makes them ideal for mobile use at event locations where a fixed interpreting cubicle is unsuitable, such as on plant tours and inspections.

How Are the Costs of Interpreting Calculated ?

Calculation of the costs of interpreting services is made on an hourly basis for the working and travel time, plus travel expenses.

In the case of simultaneous interpreting a daily rate is employed that covers working and travel time, including travel expenses. In agreement with the customer, any possible costs of accommodation and food shall be invoiced additionally or assumed directly by the customer.

A daily fixed rate is also advisable for long conferences or guided city tours.

We will be happy to advise you further on this and provide you with a free offer tailored to your specifications. Simply use our Enquiry Form or give us a call!

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